Straight from the cow to you
- A complete food!

The Complete Food

Here at Beach Road Milk Co. we believe "you are what you eat". It is because of this belief, the we have maintained a way of farming that is respectful to both the land and the cows. In line with our bio-organic principles we have a 10 year history of organic fertiliser use and our own effluent – something we believe hugely influences cow health.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Pasture = Healthy Cows

Before setting up Beach Road Milk Co., we have farmed Beach Road for ten years, being the third generation on the family farm. During this time we have been commended by our milk company every year for our commitment to providing quality milk.

Our Milk

Has no food miles, it comes straight from the cow to you in its natural form.

  • Non processed
  • Non pasteurised
  • Non homogenised

Our milk is regularly tested by Milk test NZ & Eurofins food analytics to ensure its high quality.

Beach Road Milk Co is a registered raw milk producer with the Ministry for Primary Industries. Our registration means that we have agreed to operate under strict quality control guidelines that are audited routinely by an independent body. We also must display the following mandatory health warning that follows.

Raw milk may contain harmful microorganisms that can cause serious illness. To reduce the risk of illness, raw milk should be heated to at least 70'C for one minute. This is critical for infants, young children, the elderly, pregnant women, & people with weakened immune systems.

For more information about raw milk see raw-milk-facts.

Our Cows

Our small raw milk herd has been carefully selected from our main herd. They are year round pasture fed & are topped up with silage & hay grown on farm as necessary. They have all been DNA tested and naturally produce only the A2 proteins in their milk.
Most cows in NZ produce both A1 & A2 proteins in their milk. A1 proteins produce an amino acid that can be troublesome for some people when it is broken down by the body. That amino acid is not not produced by A2 proteins, meaning that milk from A2 cows may be more easily digested. This can be of particular benefit to those with a dairy intolerance or digestive issues & those with an inflammatory disease such as eczema or asthma.

For more information on milk from A2 cows see this article about what A2 milk have to offer

Beach Road Cows

Get Beach Road Milk

How to get milk.

  1. Bring your own container or purchase one of our 1 litre glass bottles from our bottle dispenser.
  2. Insert either exact money required or credit key into the milk dispenser.
  3. Hold your bottle slightly tipped under the milk dispenser nozzle & push the start button & your milk will be dispensed. If you need to stop the flow for any reason just push the start/stop button again.
* Credit keys are sold in our bottle dispenser. They can be attached to your key ring & used for purchases in both the bottle & milk dispenser. You can top them up with credit via the milk dispenser using coins and/or notes up to a maximum value of $50. Then you simply use the key for all of your purchases.

Milk Bot

Get Beach Road Milk.

Price list

Milk $2.50
Glass bottles $4.00
Credit keys $6.00
Spare lids (3) $0.50
Fresh breads, organic veges & free ranges eggs are also available for purchase.

We are open 6am through to 8pm 7 days per week with fresh milk put in the dispenser each day.
If you require any assistance while at beach road milk co for any reason there is a help switch on the wall next to the milk dispenser that will contact us.
Hope to see you there sometime.
Ryan & Megan